Second Day (19 September 2008)

7:27 AM

That's me, pretty girl. I was still very sleepy. The nurse cleaned my body, wrapped me up and pushed me to my mama.
I was still sleeping. Then I felt someone put me to something very warm and familiar to me. Oh yes, I like the smell and I think I know it from somewhere.
Oh.. that's my food! She was trying to breastfeed me.
With the help from professional nurse, I finally able to get a good hold of mama's breast. Good latch-on. I sucked for half an hour, I was able to get a few drips of thick liquid (colostrum). Hmm.. I felt contented. I went into sleep almost immediately.
Both papa and mama were happy and thought I drank for half an hour of milk...
Subsequent hour, whenever I hungry and started to cry, papa will help me to mama and latch on. I think papa did a great job in helping me to latch on to mama. And mama also unselfishly trying to breastfeed me after her operation.
While in my sleep, I felt that a lot of people were looking at me. I peeped, and continued to sleep.
At night, I was returned to sleep with other babies.

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