Pre-Me (17 September 2008)

8:51 PM

It was dark inside. Limited space for me. I was still in my cute mummy's tummy.

Every night my papa and mama will sing song for me before my mummy going to sleep.
They always sang "Bah bah black sheep... " and "ABC"... It was nice, but why "ABC". So fast want me to learn ABC..

On 17 September, my papa and mama talked a lot to me. I heard a lot. They nagged me a lot. I can't understand, but I think I have secret channel between me and mama. They wanted me to come out on 18 September, else I will be induced to come out on my EDD, 19 September. The tall doctor said I am 3.5kg, my mama very worry.

Ok la.. I am a good and obedient girl, I will be very cooperative.

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