My distance friend

12:23 AM

Papa and mama help me to tell their friends and relatives about my blog. And I was so happy that today, I made another friend from UK. She is my cousin, Kuri.
I think we will clicked and will have a lot of girl's talk with Kuri next time. hehehee..

Kuri and her papa, mama complimented that I gorgeous. I am so flatter.. heheee..

I am almost a couple of week old, but I already have many friends, like Kuri from London and Yue Yue and Rui Rui from 611.

Yue Yue was so happy to see me on the first day when I was home. She kept coming into my room to see me. She will grabbed whoever she can, her mother, her father, her popo (my popo too) to accompany her to see me relentlessly.

I can't wait to grow up and hang around and have tea break with them.

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