My 1st Week (24 September 2008)

8:05 AM

Today papa, mama, me and lao aunty went to clinic to see doctor. The naughty doctor weighed me, I was around 4.2kg. Hmm.. I think I am still in shape.

The naughty aunty doctor, suddenly poked me at my foot. I was a bit pain, so I gave a few good 'cry', cry without tears. I settled down again after about 15 seconds of crying, very fast I think.

Papa thinks that I was very brave. I was also very impressed with myself. hehe....

The doctor took my blood sample for testing of jaundice. Let me show you the picture of me after seeing doctor.

One week has passed. I felt like I still missing something. Hmm.. what I missed...

Oh, I still don't have a proper name. So far, my papa and mama always called me "baby" or "girl girl". I think that's too common for me.

Finally papa went to ICA to do birth registration for me. I got a name.

Hi, my name is Yao, Lim Yan Yao, 瑶. Hehehee.. I love my name. I think my papa and mama spent a lot of time to give me this name and must have think a lot before deciding on this name for me. hehehehe..

Don't worry la, papa mama, I will be good girl and healthy and happy... :)

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