Remembering the First Day...

12:03 AM

My mama started her nagging kung fu again. She wanted me to put up the photo when papa, mama and I in OT room. I resisted cause I was not pretty looking that day. I was wet, wrinkles and a bit off colour.

Mama is the boss (and lor sor too.)

This picture was taken almost immediately after I was born. That day, papa and mama when holding me had tears of joy. Papa was all smiling. This photo is the first photo of we three taking together.

Oh, I must introduce some of the supporting actors.
The man in blue gown in the background was uncle Dr Wong. He was the one pulled my head to force me to come out.
And not to forget the man who pushed me out from mama's womb. He was the one taking this photo for us. He is the muscular Uncle Epidural.
Both are my heroes. :)

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