Rekindle Love with Mama (27 September 2008)

11:26 PM

Mama is recovering from the operation. So, she had not been cuddling me since I was born, except those weird positions when breastfeeding. All the while have been lao aunty, popo and papa who are taking care of me.

Mama was a bit worry that I will not recognize her. So this morning, she tried to latch me on again. I just didn't feel very hungry and also the position mama trying to put me on made me uncomfortable.

I struggle, resisted the temptation of fresh milk.

But I didn't reject her. I just twisted and turned my head away from the breast. I still felt the closeness and warmness and familiar of mama when I was in her arms. Slowly and slowly, I fell asleep on her lap. I felt safe and secure to be with my mama again.

I do recognize and love my mama.

But mama, don't be too over-satisfied. You still have much to learn on how to cuddle me.. hehehe.. :)

Too bad, papa didn't take any photo of us. Guessed papa must be watching from side with much envy. Will I become "Mama's Girl"? Hehehe.. We shall see.. :D

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