Happy Father's Day

2:36 AM

Today is father's Day. I broke my routine update of my life, to post a tribute to my dad.

My dad is a first time dad, but he showed good experience since I was born.
He bathed me since I was young till now during weekend. He was not scare when holding me when I was just a few months old.
He always gives me a firm grip and holding me tight to his naked chest.
Now, he always fools me when he bathes me. I bathe in warm water. but he will sprinkle cold water on me, then I will jump and rush to hug him.
We have good times together.

He also doesn't have problem changing my diaper, clear my shits, feed me, cut my nail, put me to sleep..
though he will get frustrated once a while. He outsourced most of the jobs to my mama though.

he can sing a lot of children songs too.. "ba ba black sheep", "ABC", "This Old Man", "Barney Song"..
his "ba ba black sheep", "ABC" are classic..
everytime he sings these two songs, mama and I will fall asleep.. hahaa..
i think he himself will yawn too.. hahaha..

He is a strict father. He is fierce and firm when I am disobedient or naughty.
Sometime I am very stubborn and cause him to lose his cold and beat me. Usually afterwards, he will feel bad and hug me again.
I scare of him, though not as much as I scare of nanny. Nanny just needs to stare at me, I will behave myself already.

I love him. He is the best father in the world!! (ok, i have one father only, surely he is the best!).
Happy Father's Day!!

PS: sorry mama, I didn't write one for you.. you didn't script one for me! But don't worry, I love you too!
And I love you more than papa!! :)

Scripted by: Papa...
Final amended by: Mama...

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