KL & Genting Trip - Meeting with Aunties, Uncles and Cousins

2:01 AM

We went for a long holiday in KL and Genting. This was my first trip to KL.

This was my first time meeting with my aunties, uncles and cousins who stay in KL.

I had a lot of funs as there are many cousins there and lots of TOYS!!!

I think I am getting better in posing in front of camera. Getting more photogenic.

We stopped by at Burger King while we were on our way to Genting on a sunny sunday.

Me and some of my cousins. Though I was the youngest, I was also the fierce one. Hahaha..

The little cousin at the back is 5 months older than me, but I think I am much bigger in size than her. :)

Ian korkor must be very happy with so many pretty ladies around.. :)

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