Home sweet home (20 September 2008)

5:52 AM

Today very strange. 7 early 8 morning (it means very early in the morning), the nurse pushed me to my mama. So I thought I can spent the day with my papa and mama.

Then after I sucked a small cup of milk, the nurse came in and pushed me back to nursery.

After that, there was a doctor put something into my ear. It was a soft thing. Then I heard some clicking sounds. Then the doctor took away the soft thing. Funny doctor, she must think that I have hearing problem so they did the hearing test on me. I have been a good listener since in my mama's womb. I was well-trained, listening to papa's song and also their nagging.

11:30am. The nurse helped me to change. Today must be special day. They helped me to change into pink colour long sleeves and pants. Usually I will wear singlet and pampers and wrapped up.
And now the wrapper also yellow. I guessed my papa and mama are going to bring me home.

I was right! My papa hold me the whole taxi journey to my home. Home sweet home. I can recognize my home. My bed is very colourful. Pink in colour with red dots and colourful squares. But I don't like the pillow. How come a big yucky old-fashion purple colour pillow was put on top of me!! I thought the pillow should be under my head! And they used some napkin to be my pillow. How weird!

Before I forgot, today I met another family member. She looks very kind and gentle. She is my popo. When she hugged me, I feel soft and comfortable. Not like my skinny papa.

Mama still try to latch me on. I was hungry. Mama supply not come yet, just the few drops of milk. I was still hungry. I want more!! And I made myself very clear (and loud).

Papa no choice, had to make me formula milk to feed me. I finished it within 3 minutes. Hehehee.. I am happy, I think so is papa, as this is the first time he feeds me.

The whole day, papa and popo were busy taking care of me. My popo even helped me to clean my poo poo.. hehee.. so pai seh... but no choice la..

Well.. can't be bother. It is always good to be home!

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