2nd Jaundice Test

9:19 AM

I went for second jaundice test today. The nurse took my weight first. 4.1kg! Two days ago, I was 4.2kg, now I am 100gm lighter?? Should I be happy, as it means I am slimmer. I don't intend to keep fit yet.

Arghh.. be cool.. 100gm only. At least I should be happy that my jaundice is better, still need to wait for the report tomorrow.

Today very funny lor. My mama really worry that her breast milk is not enough and also worry that I can't recognize her. Hmm.. it is true that I now felt more comfortable with lao aunty and popo. I still can remember my mama. Just that mama is doing confinement, so, the smell of her is a bit sorry, especially her hair.

Oh.. the second test of jaundice has shown significant improvement, that's good. Then I no need to be admitted to hospital for "sun bath" and tanning.

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