Father's Girl

11:44 PM

Normally I will sleep during dinner time. But today, I was a bit playful. While my papa and mama were having their dinner, I was playing with my lao aunty and popo. I grinned at their songs and jokes.

I can see my papa and mama so envy.

Later at night, after I woke up and changed to my pyjamas, my papa will cuddle me into his room. Papa and mama were trying hard to get me grinned at them. I don't smile so easily hor. I only smile when I wanted to.

After lying on their bed a while, I got bored. I made myself heard! I wanted to go out!!

Papa no choice, brought me out to lao aunty.

Lao aunty managed to cool me down. I was into sleeping mode again. Papa just doesn't want to give up. So he took this opportunity to take over from lao aunty. Ah well.. I was in sleeping mode, anyone will do. So, mama managed to take this photo of papa cuddling me.

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