Potty Training

7:27 AM

I started potty training since 18 months old. So far so good… Now I seldom wear pampers at home, except nap and sleeping time. Mummy always let me to sit on the potty. I sit on the potty to play toys, read books and even watch my DVD.. I’m a multi-tasking person, must learn to multi-task. :) I can sit on the potty up to 1 hour to just wait for poo poo or urine to come out. :)

Sometimes I also wet my pant. Once I wet my pant, then I told mummy – “Wet Wet.. Sh.. Sh” Until now I still can’t tell mummy when I want to pee. I only tell mummy after I pee. Hehe. Whenever I see there is water on the floor, I will tell mummy “Wet wet sh.. sh..” sometimes my saliva drop on the floor, I will also tell mummy “wet wet sh.. sh..” Silly girl…
See, I was sitting on the potty while reading my favorite book.

Now, with a book on hand, I am all ready to start my 'project'.

I am still in progress... keep it up...

Half and hour later..............

Getting a bit difficult, but it is coming...

Yes.. I am almost done..

All Done!! Now I can hand the book to mama

The last photo has been censored in order not to disgust aunties and uncles who are eating while reading my blog. :)

Notes: I learn this multitasking skill from my papa...... :)

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