Santa is coming to Town!

8:10 AM

Jingle bells, jingle bells, jingle all the way….. This was my 2nd Christmas. My papa and mama brought me to Orchard. This was my first time to Orchard. Ya.. ya.. I am very kampung girl...
Blame my papa and mama... :)

WAH, I didn't know that decoration in Orchard was so nice and happening! The whole Orchard Road was decorated with twinkle twinkle little stars!!

We went to Takashimaya, Paragon, Wisma Atria and Ion. All shopping centers were decorated beautifully.

In Wisma Atria, there was one big golden cage, just like in fairy tales. Many aunties and uncles went inside to take photo. I also busybody went inside and took a few photo. But too bad, the cage was always full of people.

I like the Christmas tree in front of Ion most. This was the biggest Christmas tree I ever saw. There were many balls on the tree and we can even walked into the tree. Wow!!
Inside the tree was glittering with colourful shooting stars!! Very pretty..

Mama and I took a picture in front of the Ion Christmas tree with many pink and white colour balls. :)

Isn't it nice?

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