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When I was 16 months old (back from CNY holiday), I suddenly learned a lot of things.

I learn to talk.
I can talk a lot of words.
I think maybe because I get influenced by my cousin – Yuxin in KL. She can talk well and she is just 5 months elder than me.
I've learned some basic surviving words. I will say "neng neng" when asking for milk and food.
I can call "papa", and when papa beats me, I will cry for "mama"..
I learn what are eye, nose, ear, mouth, teeth, hand and leg. When mama said “eye”, then I will point to my eye and point to her eye too.
Basically, I can understand what mama and papa ask me to do. Sometimes, I just ignore them and pretend that I don’t understand because I don’t want to do it. How smart I am!

I learn to read
I have 4 mini books and I love it so much. The mini books are given by my 3rd uncle. He bought it in UK. Thank you, uncle. I always ask papa and mama to read for me. I learned a few words from the books.
The animals sound book is the one I like the most. My papa is very cute. When I asked him to read for it, he will read it with funny faces. "Moooo..." he will mimic the cow gesture..
"cock-a... cock-a.. doo" he will sounds like a cock..
Eventually when mama asked me, "dog" then I will say "wong wong", when mama said "cow", then I will say "moo...", when mama said "sheep", then i will say "baaa", when mama said "cat", then I will say "meh meh". Haha... should be "miao miao" right? But I don't know how to pronounce "miao miao", I kept saying "meh meh". I still need some time to practice. Hehe…

I learn to put books into box

Besides that, I also know how to put these 4 mini books into the box. Initially, I didn’t know how to put and I would get frustrated. Thanks to my patience daddy, he kept teaching me how to put in. Finally I know how to put the 4 books in the box myself. Sometimes I still need some help from papa. Yeah! I feel proud of it and every time I did it, sure I will clap my hand to encourage myself.

I learn to stack (until 3 blocks.. only)

I also know how to stack up the blocks. See the video how I stacked it up. But I only managed to stack up 3 blocks, once I put the 4th block, it would collapse!
I will build 3 storeys house for papa and mama next time!

I learn to play shape sorter
Besides that, I also know how to play shape sorter, but need mama assistance. :)
I only able to take any shape and try and error. Mama will point me to the correct shape and I will push it into the box.
But, I still cannot recognize shapes, can't expect a 16 months old baby girl to know everything right? :)

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