Playing Kite

3:24 AM

My daddy has a new hobby. It is playing kite! When it is not raining on weekend evening, we will go to the field nearby to play kite. There are many people playing kite there.

One of the weekend, we went there again. Many kinds of kites were flying at the sky when we reached. Some kites were small and cute, some kites were big and long. I think my papa kite is the special one.. it has “1,2,3,..” on the kite.. haha..

As my papa bought a cheap kite, the kite cannot fly too high and kept turning upside down and crashed. Papa used NTUC plastic bag to make the kite tail longer so that the kite can be steadier and fly higher.

I don’t think there is any kite with NTUC brand one. Haha!

I love to go to the field play kite together with my papa. I not really enjoy playing kite, but I enjoy chasing mama on the field. I enjoy picking dry leave on the field. I enjoy running happily on the field. Hehe…

Papa loves this photo... he thinks I am a model ...

Finally, when I am tired, "Papa 抱抱"...

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