Weekend Outing - Library, Cheese and Coffee..

8:19 AM

I like to go to library as there are many books for me to read. Papa and mama always bring me to library as I like reading. Papa always borrow some books for me so that I also can read books at home..

After we left library, we had a nice “coffee break” in Coffee Bean. Ooops, it is not coffee break.. It is milk break! Haha.. I drank my milk instead of coffee in Coffee Bean..

Papa and mama ordered coffee and cheese cake. They thought that by feeding me milk so that I will be too full for other food.. but.. too bad... hehehe...

Yummy.. Yummy… this was my first time to eat cheese cake. I love it so much! Usually my papa eats his cheese cake slowly and enjoy every bite, with me around he has to eat fast. Haha! If not, the whole piece of cheese cake will be eaten by me! Stingy papa told mummy, next time don’t bring me out when they want to have cheese cake. Not so easy to leave me out!!

Everyone in Coffee Bean was drinking coffee, eating cheese cake while reading magazine or surfing net using laptop. See, I also followed them. Hehe.. I was eating cheese cake while reading books which borrowed from library. I look very busy, right? :)

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