Short Stay in Port Dickson

8:27 AM

We took AirAsia from Penang to KL. I just 16 months old, but I’m AirAsia frequent flyer. I already took a lot of flight rides as I always travel to Penang and KL via flights. My cousins are jealous of me. :)

We reached KL quite late due to flight delay. My uncle purposely came from Port Dickson to LCCT airport to fetch us. All my cousins, ah yi, uncles already reached Port Dickson. We reached Port Dickson around 7pm+. Wah, so late…
We stayed 1 night at Tiara Beach Resort. Tiara Beach Resort has biggest man-made beach in Malaysia. But too bad, as we reached there too late, all my cousins finished playing water and waited for us to have dinner together. I missed the chance to play water in this biggest man-made beach as the next day morning we had to leave and go back to KL. :(

My 2nd uncle bought a lot of fireworks for us to play. Wah, it was fun! This was the first time I played fireworks. Mummy not allowed me to play myself, she will hold the fireworks together with me. We had a good time!

The next day, we went to the beach again for our breakfast. We ordered nasi lemak with chicken. Of course, stingy papa only gave me plain rice.
After that we went to the beach to take photo.
You see, my whole big family took picture together in Port Dickson. Everyone are inside the photo except my jiu jiu family who is staying in UK. They will be coming back to Malaysia in this June. I’m looking forward to meet them again!

It was very difficult to arrange for meal together. So, we went to kid's friendly place, McDonald to have our lunch after we left Port Dickson. We had a great time playing in the McDonald playground inside the building. It was so much fun!!

The mummies later put us all together to take photo.
Let’s me introduce my cousins as well. The first one from left is Ke Yue jie jie who smiled brightly, followed by Ke Rui jie jie. Yuxin jie jie was a bit cool and steady.
And last one, the cheeky me, like gangster.. everyone were sitting while I was the only one standing.

We had so much fun and so were the mummies who keep snapping photo of us. Hahaha...

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