Gong Xi Gong Xi 2010

8:48 PM


Yeah! I love Chinese New Year as I could meet my cousins in Penang and KL.
I love "财神到" this song, but I don't know how to sing. I only knew how to gong xi gong xi to my relatives. Hehe..

I wore cheongsam on the first day of CNY. Many relatives praised me pretty girl. I also like the cheongsam very much. It was a gift from papa and mama when they went to Beijing (without me.... complaint, complaint, still complaining!!)

The cheongsam was just nice for me, not too long nor too short. And I like pink!! (actually it is mama who likes pink.. hehee)

I stayed in Penang for 5 days. I love to play with my cousins. Most of them are much older than me. The eldest is 18 years old, and I am just 18 months old. Haha.. so much different. They all always try to play with me and make me happy. You see, I stole my cousin's toys and hid it in my papa's luggage. Hehehe.. But they asked me to keep it in Penang so that I can come to Penang and play.

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