It's a Girl (18 September 2008)

6:56 AM

1am in the morning. Papa was still sleeping like a pig. Mama started to feel a bit of pain. She was not sure, but as I had promised, I will be very cooperative.

4am in the morning, the signal I gave to my mama getting clearer. Yes, it was contraction.
And it was happening about every 5 minutes.
But blur mama, woke papa up, told him that she has pain at the lower body. And blur papa thought that, pain at lower body should not be contraction, so he continued to sleep.

6am in the morning, mama woke papa up again. She said, contraction. And it is REAL. I was very cooperative to come out before being induced out.. hehe..

Mama and papa quickly took breakfast, get things ready and went to Mount Alvernia hospital.
They went straight into Delivery Suite.

When in delivery suite around 8am, mama asked for epidural. Mama very scared of pain. The doctor was a bit late, and reached about 9am to give mama epidural.
After that, both of them like 'holiday-ing' in delivery suite. I can hear they switch on tv, and radio playing classical music. Somemore, they took pictures while at delivery suite.

At around 4:30pm, second syringe of epidural finished the last ml. Doctor advised not to give anymore, as to prepare mama for pushing me out.
But, I think I was not ready.

5:30pm. This is the first time I felt pressure against me. Gosh.. I was so enjoy hiding inside mama's womb, with free food, free drinks and free place to stay without worries.
My mama was trying to push me out!!
I was not happy. I clinged on tightly...
Doctor told mama to stop and rest first as my head still high up inside the womb.

6:40pm. Doctor came in again. Asked my mama to push again. My head was down a bit, but not down enough.. hehee.. I can't really bear to leave this warm, watery and well protected place.
So, mama unable to push me out.. hehee.. I WON!!

Doctor decided to do 'Scissor'. I was puzzled. What is scissor???
Mama went into operation room. Jabbed with epidural, doctor was operating the familiar wall of my mama skin.
Then I felt that there were someone pushing my legs downward, while another one trying to pull me out...

"It's a Girl" and time was 8:20pm (2020). Nice number. 180908 2020.

Of course i am a girl.. Gosh, disturbed my sleep inside the womb. Ahhh.. well, it is time for me to see the world.

The nurse was counting my fingers and toes and showed to papa that I am a girl.
According to papa, I was a bit dark purple in colour.
I was trying to talked to papa, but papa was not responding to me....
I guessed what I was talking, to them was crying...
sigh.. so, I stopped, and trying to sleep. But the naughty nurse woke me up again. This time I tried to complain her.

Later, I was brought to my mama. Then me, papa and mama with the uncle doctor at the back, took picture together. I haven't make up!!! I haven't even properly dressed!!!

I was later pushed to a room with many babies. They took my weight, height and the size of my head. Beside me, there was a baby boy. I was 3.86kg and i think he was below 3kg. I was twice his size. Felt like give him a kick at his butt... hehehehe..

That's how I was brought to the world.. to begin my life journey as Daddy's girl...

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