Yeah!! Back to Penang again!!

8:40 AM

"That's my flight to Penang!"

This was the first time I took Jetstar. I took SQ, AirAsia and Tiger airways before. From all the experiences, I prefer SQ because the service is good and I still can get toys from stewardess but definitely air fare is much more expensive then budget airlines. I’m going to take MAS to go Langkawi in this June! I’m looking forward to it. Wonder next time will I become pilot, always flying around. hehe..

Yeah.. I went back to Penang again to visit my grandma, gu gu, uncle, aunty and cousins. All of them were impressed by me as I was able to call them! I still remember when I last visit to Penang which was about 2 months ago, I still not able to call them. They were so surprise when I could call them! Hehe.. But I still not able to call 大姑 and 二姑.. When I wanted to call 大姑, then I just call “大…” with 2 hands open widely. Because I knew “大” means big, so I opened my hands widely to show big.. hehe..

My uncle brought me to famous aquarium – Chew Tian Yang aquarium to see a variety of fishes. The fish was so pretty and colourful. But too bad, I was not allowed to take photo. So I couldn’t show you how pretty the fishes are. I saw my favourite Nemo in the aquarium too! But I couldn’t take photo with them, so mummy and I took photo with a very big fake Nemo to show you all… hehe…

Besides that, my uncle also brought us to eat seafood at the famous seafood restaurant near the beach. Before the dishes were served on the table, we took a stroll on the beach and play sands too. But I not really like to play sands. hehe.. I’m a city girl, I like shopping!

Aunty ordered a lot of nice seafood, I saw chilly crab, fish, crayfish, clam etc on the table. Mummy just allowed me to eat bun (馒头)which is supposed to eat together with chilly crab. I didn’t have chance to try chilly crab. It looked very nice. Mummy said is “辣辣”. :( The bun was not bad, I finished 2 even though I just finished my porridge before we came here. I heard my mum kept praising the seafood here was nice and fresh. I think she had a very nice seafood dinner that night.

Actually my mummy was quite generous this time round, she allowed me to eat many type of food. I have tried a lot of nice food in Penang, like prawn noodle, curry noodle, wanton mee, etc. Prawn noodle and curry noodle are really hot and spicy! I ate until my whole mouth was red! Hehee.. It was really a good experience and I want to try it again! Thumbs up, Penang food is really nice and delicious!

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