Eagle Feeding & Mangrove Tour

9:31 AM

Looking forward for today. Today we are going to Eagle Feeding and Mangrove Boat Tour.

But first, breakfast. I must say, breakfast in Langkawi was quite a hassle. We were in big group, hence it was not easy to find a place big enough for all of us. We managed to find a Malay stall in front of a kampung. We kind of finished all of the food available.

The boat tour starts at Kilim River. It was a speedboat. The boatman drove very fast. It was so exciting! I knew papa was quite worry with the speed. The boat was like a sampan and open. He hold me very tight with one hand and the other hand holding on to the grille. The wind was very strong that I couldn't open my eyes. Luckily papa still managed to smile when taking photo.

We were brought to see mangrove trees. Subsequently we were introduced to a deserted building which was used to produce coal from mangrove.
There were many monkeys on the land. And here, I found that monkey actually can swim!!
Our tour guide threw some peanuts into the river, some of the more courage monkeys went into the river and swam towards the peanuts. There was one monkey carrying baby monkey also dived in and swam towards the peanut. As she swam, the baby was submerged in the water. Clever enough, the baby monkey climbed from the front to the back of her mother. Amazing!!

After the monkey show, we continued our journey. As we approached our next destination, we saw eagles circling the sky. There were many eagles! The boat in front of us, was feeding the eagle by throwing the food to the sky and the eagle will snatched the food in the sky!

Next we went to crocodile cave. It was empty cause the crocodile left many many years ago.
After that we went to bats' cave. We alighted from the boat and went to the cave. Mama didn't join us, as she was scared of bats. hehe.. I was not scared cause papa was carrying me.

I didn't really know what's inside as it was very dark. I saw there were many dark dark things hanging on top of the cave. So boring.

We moved on towards the sea. The ride got bumpier as there were waves. But the sea was so beautiful that I can't differentiate the sky from the sea!!
We were brought to a seafood restaurant or kelong for lunch. They have many fishes there. When we were there, the trainer was feeding stingray. He purposedly made the stingray to swim backwards!

I was knocked out after that. We took some rest there, but we didn't take lunch there.
We then proceed to fish feeding. I saw many nemos!! And there are city nemos!
We feed them with prawn crackers and they loved it!!! There were hundreds of fishes around.
Papa even put his hand into the water to touch the fish!

That's our last item for our 3-hours tour. We were taken back to the jetty.
Though it was short, but quite an experience for all of us.
Maybe we can go for Island Hopping Tour next time!

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