Langkawi Cable Car

7:23 PM

Second day in Langkawi. I was getting excited.

We were going to take a ride in Langkawi Cable Car. This was my first time in a cable car ride. Previously in Genting, my uncle drove us up to the peak.

We were in a big group with many kids, by the time we reached the cable car station, it was around 11am. Luckily it was a cloudy day. The cable car ride will take us to the top of Gunung Mat Chinchang, the second highest mountain in Langkawi at 705m above sea level. It was quite expensive too, as each adult ticket costs MYR25. I rode for free though.. hehe..
But it worth the money!

The ride was splendid!! The view was magnificent. The sea was beautiful and the many many islands nearby made it even more charming!

We alighted at the middle station. Looking down, there was the Andaman sea, looking up, the top station and suspension bridge were gorgeous. I started to become cranky. I was tired but yet wanted to stay awake to enjoy the beautiful scenery. But, I fell asleep on my papa's shoulder.

Though I was asleep, papa still help me to take a lot of photo of me by carrying me. Poor papa, his shoulder was so comfortable that I slept for one hour plus. I think my papa's hand must be very tired and painful.

We continued our journey up the way, by taking the cable car.

WAH!!! From the top of the mountain, we had a 360 degree view of Langkawi!
It was so beautiful... The sea was so clear that I can't differentiate the sea and the sky!

We admired the scenery for quite a while. Then, some of us decided to proceed to the suspension bridge.

It was no easy task!! It was quite far. We needed to descend staircases, ascended staircases, descended staircases and more staircases ahead. We walked for about 15+ minutes before we reach there. And yes, I was still sleeping on my papa's shoulder!
He was the one carrying me!

I woke up when we reached there! Clever leh.. hahaa..
Papa still manage to crack some painful looking smile when we took pictures.
The suspension bridge is made of steel. The curved bridge is about 125m long. And It looked scary. The path was planks pieced together, except that the plank is made of concrete.
Each plank swayed when you stepped on it.

Papa was so worry about me running on the bridge, and he was a bit scare of height. Hence he hold on to me tightly, not letting me to come down. The view from the bridge was majestic!
We had a great view of the blue sea with the greenery of the mountains!

That's the end of my wonderful Langkawi Cable Car journey! I wish I can come back again.

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