Langkawi - A Beach of Our Own

8:30 AM

In the evening, we went to our hotel private beach.

Uncle who planned for the whole trip was looking forward for this event, the kids can build sand castle at the beach side. But, to his disappointment, he forgot the whole tour consisted mainly of ladies!!

When we reached there, it was still sunny, around 5+pm. The ladies, including me were scared of the sun, we just sat and hide under the tree.

The beach no doubt is very beautiful. Deep blue and calm sea. The beach is smooth too
but it is different from the Cenang Beach, as this one is more well maintained.

And the whole beach was really belong to us only!!
There were no other guest as it was still early and it was a Friday where most tourists haven't arrived.

Sitting beside the beach, enjoying the sea breeze was not a bad idea either. I am an active girl, I can't sit still. So, I enjoyed myself, playing my favourite game, picking dried leaves.
After a while, the sun was not so bright. We started to go down the beach to play sand.
Ian korkor and his father were building sand castle.

Wah, they were so clever that their sand castle still have proper sewage system with a big canal.
I didn't know how to play, so I just stand a side watching. Actually I wanted to contribute. But my papa hold me back, worry I will destroy their castle.

Later YuXin Jie jie joined me. We two played together, digging into sands.

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