Langkawi - Rabbit Farm

1:00 AM

After came down from my cable car journey, we went to rabbit farm.
Well, we just stumbled upon this rabbit farm on our way out.

It was quite fun though!

This was my first time in rabbit farm. Papa bought a pack of carrot to feed rabbit.
When we made our entrance, the rabbit swamped towards us. The rabbits saw papa holding their food.

I was a bit scare, so was papa when saw so many rabbits surrounded us. We felt a bit threatened. But rabbit is pretty harmless, our fear subsided.

Papa tried to hold my friend to feed rabbit. When the rabbit jumped forward and bite the carrot, we got scared and let go immediately. What a waste!! The rabbit managed to get hold of it and enjoyed its carrot.

We were a lot smarter and got ourselves together. Papa gave me the second carrot stick. We chose which one would be easier to be bullied.

We hold our carrot stick tightly, slowly move it towards our targeted rabbit. The rabbit grabbed it and tried to pull it away. But we hold on! The rabbit didn't want to let go, and had to stand and eat.

Suddenly there was a rabbit trying to grab our pack of carrot. I got angry and gave the rabbit a kick on the face. Ouch!! Don't worry, the rabbit is OK.

So, don't think I am a pushover.

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