Last day in Langkawi

8:01 AM

We coming to an end for our lovely trip to Langkawi. It was fun and relaxing, just two or three activities per day.

We even played in our hotel pool. Our hotel is not really high class, but the room was spacious, clean and nice. Reasonably priced too. Did I mention that the hotel is very near to the airport? Luckily we stayed in this hotel. Papa and mama had forgotten to take my stroller from the rented car. Uncle returned the car to the car rental company.
By the time papa and mama realized it, it was almost our checkout time. Mama called uncle immediately who were ready to board plane going back to KL. Papa quickly ran to the airport to meet uncle and the car company representative. Papa had to search for the car we rented previously under the hot sun in the airport car park as the car company personnel didn't know where was the car.

We had lunch in Kenny Roger's. And yes, we had Kenny Roger's for three of our meal!! Can imagine how much we like Kenny Roger's. Hahaha..

During the flight, mama and papa praised me that I've been a good girl. Reason? They bribed me with a pack of crackers. Haha.. So, I managed to sit down and they managed to finish their in-flight meal too.

Why I like Langkawi? Partial it is because of its clear water. See for yourself...

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