Mama's Uncle Singapore Trip

7:54 AM

July has been a busy month for me. My mother's big uncle came to visit us together with por por and gong gong.

We arranged a series of interesting activities for them. And it was the most popular tourist spots now.. (well, papa and mama wanted to go there actually)

YES!! We went to RWS, Resorts World Sentosa.
First impression, it is big, it is crowded. Full stop. Anything special that do not need a ticket, errr... nope. Just shops and some small fountains. I guess the main attraction will be the casino and Universal Studio. I didn't, I mean papa didn't go into casino. Ticket for local costs SGD100.
We didn't go to Universal Studio as most of us are uncles and aunties. So, we just took photo in front of the landmark of Universal Studio, the big globe.

I was quite scare of the big globe. It was gigantic!! I worried it will fell down on me when papa and I took photo in front of it. I cling on to papa tightly.

After spending the whole afternoon in RWS, we went home for a break. I took a nap before we proceed for dinner and then to Night Safari.

Night Safari was so dark. It was crowded as well. Not sure why so many people still come here at night.. gosh..

We attended a show. I attended another animal show before in Bird Park. This one was not so lively. I saw a few animals which I got to know them for the first time. I saw wolf, hyena, python and a few more. But those animals were less interaction with the trainers. So, it was pretty boring.

After the show, we took a ride around the park to see a few more animals in captive.
I saw long neck animal, fierce looking dogs, big size cow, long mouth animal, and of course lion, tiger and elephants too!!

Wah... so tired... we went home and i fell asleep immediately when we reached home.

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