Jurong Bird Park Part 1

7:47 AM

Have you been Singapore Jurong bird Park before? It was fun! There are a lot of birds in Jurong Bird Park, like Flamingo, parrot, pelicans, eagles, hornbills, hawks etc . I went to Jurong Bird Park with 1 big group, including my papa, mama, popo, gong gong, 2nd ah yi, 2nd uncle, Ian koko, Yuxin jie jie, 3rd ah yi, 3rd uncle, ke yue jie jie and ke rui jie jie.

My 2nd ah yi family came to Singapore because my 3rd ah yi has just moved to new house and had house warming. But too bad, my 1st ah yi was busy and couldn’t come to Singapore. I miss yuson koko and yuxi jie jie. Never mind, I will meet them during Chinese New Year.

The weather was hot and we reached there around 12noon. WAH! There are a lot of people, as there was Hollywood Dinos Event in Jurong Bird Park and that day was the first day for this event. What’s a coincidence! We didn’t know that Hollywood Dinos Event is in Jurong Bird Park. The queue to go in Hollywood Dinos Exhibition was super long.

Ticket for adult was $13 and child was $9. Since Ian koko and Ke Yue jie jie wanted to see dinosaur, we decided to buy the ticket and to take a look what’s inside this Hollywood Dinos Exhibition. As the queue to go in exhibition is super long, we will go to Jurong Bird Park first.

After we made to the entrance, we rushed to the main area as there was a Live Performance. There were aunties and uncles dressed very pretty dancing Samba. Among the performers, there were one I liked most. It was a human sized red Pelican. It was so funny and liked to play with kids . A lot kids took photo with it. Later just realized the big red Pelican is a man in a Pelican costume.

After the show, we started our expedition in Jurong Bird Park. We were first greeted by many parrots. They were resting on the branches and waiting for visitors to take picture. The parrots seems like not scare of people. They will rest on your hand and take photo with you if you want to, for a fee. So, stingy papa and mama just brought me to the parrots and we took photo with all the parrots behind us and using our own camera.
It's free! hehe..

After the photo shooting with parrots, we moved on to the Flamingo.
I never see Flamingo before.
WAH, Flamingo is so pretty, they were so elegant!! Their colour are so bright and pretty, it is like flaming pink. And when they are in herds and standing in the pond, it is very outstanding. No wonder I can't take my eyes off the flamingo.

After that, we decided to get away from the hot sun temporary. We went on to the Penguin expedition.
At the entrance to the cooling Penguin expedition, Yuxin jie jie and I took a picture with giant penguin mannequin.
It was very dark inside the place where penguin stay. And it was cold too.
There were a lot of penguins and we only can see the penguin through the glass.
Some of the penguin were very active. They liked to jump into the pond and swim here and swim there. They swam very fast and very stylish. Very cute.

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