Jurong Bird Park Part 2

8:31 AM

I was so excited seeing the penguin.

We moved on and followed the route. Next we came to African Wetlands. There were many big birds hanging there. Well, they certainly looked tired, just standing there and not moving.
I guessed their feather were too thick and weather was too hot for them.

I wonder what is the name of the bird.

We came to a pond after that. There were many kinds of birds in the pond. There were two white swans, but not very elegant as I expected.
There were another herd of flamingo, but this group of flamingo, seems like colour faded.
They were white and light pink in colour.

Pelican Cove was our next destination. There were many Pelican there. Pelican is my good friend. hehee.. I always remember how they help Nemo's father to find him. But this group looked very serious.

As the bird show about to start, we hurried to the Pools Amphitheatre to watch the Bird's Buddies Show. In the show, we saw my favorite Flamingo again. Hehe.. We also saw pelicans, hornbills etc. It was indeed a nice and interesting show.

We didn’t go and watch all shows in Jurong Bird Park as time not permits. We still needed to go Hollywood Dino Exhibition but the queue was still very long. No choice, we just went to queue it. I was so tired and fall asleep while queuing.

“Errrh…. Why so noisy and disturb my sleep!” I was upset as my sleep was disturbed.When I opened my eye, I saw something very big in front of my eye.
“Wah, what is that? Is this dinosaur?”
I was still blur and just woke up from my sleep, my mama already carried me and took a picture with big dinosaur.
This Hollywood Dino Exhibition overall was not that interesting. It only exhibited few big fake dinosaur and come with sound effects. Even though I was so young, I was not scared at all! Hehee...

Ah well, my first visit to Jurong Bird Park came to an end. We didn't manage to visit all the birds nor we able to catch all the shows, but I had a lot of fun, except the heat. :)

Bye bye Jurong Bird Park. I will come again next time…

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