1st Lunar Birthday

9:46 AM

My lunar birthday is on 19th August (Lunar Calendar) which is few days after Mooncake festival. My English birthday is 18th Sept. Is a nice date right? 18/09 and 19/08. Easy to remember too. Remember to buy gift to me oh..
My popo purposely came to Singapore to celebrate my lunar birthday. Early morning, mummy helped me to wear new clothes and new shoes which bought by popo. Thanks, popo. Popo thought I am a big girl, bought such big shoes for me, how can I wear it? Until now I still haven’t wear this new shoes. But surely the shoes match my clothes. :)

My popo early morning cooked 1 bowl of mee sua for me together with 2 big drumsticks and 2 hard boiled eggs. Yummy yummy!
This was the first time I ate adult food. You see.. I couldn’t wait to take the drumstick and eat! Yummy! WAH, adult food is so nice! Although I had 2 teeth then, I never hesitate when tempted with such big drumstick. My mummy just let me eat a bit only, though they took the picture of me eating drumstick.
The whole bowl of mee sua and big drumsticks were then eaten by my greedy papa and mama. :)

There is a tradition where baby needs to choose one item from a few selected items on 1st lunar birthday. My mama prepared the items as shown in the picture (modern and new version) and put in front of me. Then asked me to crawl over and chose 1 item. Every item has different meaning oh..

If you choose
Syringe – you will become doctor in future
Thread – you will become fashion designer in future
Calculator – you will become accountant in future
Book – you will become scholar in future
Ruler - you will become architect in future
Pen - you will become bestseller author in future
(Guess you know who came out with all those 'careers'.. pressure.. pressure..)

Let’s make a guess! What have I chosen? :) Answer will be in next blog…

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