Mooncake Festival

7:20 AM

This is my first mooncake festival. Mummy does not allow me to eat mooncake, she said I’m too young, cannot eat such sweet mooncake.
(PS: My mama is control freak.. hehehe.. )

So I don’t know how mooncake taste like. This year I will beg papa to give me.. shhhh...

Daddy bought a cute lantern for me. I love it so much. It is Hello Kitty lantern. When I on it, the lantern not only can shine, but also can sing! Surprise!

You see, I was so concentrate looking at this cute lantern.

Before mooncake festival, daddy and mummy already brought me to playground to play lantern. But too bad, that time I still didn’t know how to walk. I still need to sit on the stroller. Not fun at all. I believe this year mooncake festival will be more enjoyable. I can walk and run while playing my lantern. I’m looking forward to it.

On actual mooncake festival day, I felt sad because it was raining. Ke Yue and Ke Rui jie jie came to my house to celebrate but we couldn’t go to playground and play lantern. After dinner, we just went down and walked along the sheltered place. There were a few kids playing lantern too. Seem like raining didn’t spoilt our mood to play lantern. Let’s pray that no rain on mooncake festival this year. Keep our finger crossed! :)

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