I am Back!

9:18 AM

Wow.. time flies.. almost 6 months I didn't blog. This does not mean I'm lazy, I'm indeed busy during this 6 months... My daddy is busy doing research on how to give the best for his daughter, that's me. hehehe..

This is the reason why he has no time to help me to update my blog. My mummy is helping me to update blog now. Dadddy and mummy, gambatte! I will always support you all.

I'm 18 months old now! I'm a toddler now and no longer baby. I’m 80 cms tall and 10kg weight. Yeah! I grow up so fast. I know how to talk and walk, and even run! I'm a talkative girl. I know how to talk some simple words, like papa, mama, po po (grandmother), jie jie (elder sister), mei2 mei2 (pretty), xie xie (thank you), nen nen (milk), bao4 bao4(carry me), chou4 chou4(smelly), bye bye, no more, apple, eye, shoes, turtle, ball, car etc..

I love to drink milk, so I like to say nen nen whenever I want to drink. When I wake up in the morning, first thing I will do is wake my lazy mummy up and tell her that I want nen nen! When my daddy and mummy say want to go out, I will quickly say “shoes” and go and pick up my shoes and ask them to help me to wear. After taking shower and my mum helps me to wear nice clothes, I will always praise myself “mei2 mei2”, as I know I’m a pretty girl. This is what I usually do in the past few months.

I have done a lot of things in the past 6 months. I also went to Marina Barage, Singapore Bird Park, Penang, KL and Port Dickson. I think I couldn’t finish all in 1 blog. How I spent my 1st mooncake festival & my 1st Lunar Birthday? All will be updated in the coming blogs. I promise I will update it ASAP. Stay tuned!

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