Down with fever

1:07 AM

Pity me. I was down with fever for a couple of days. It was terrible experience. I even vomitted when papa gave me paracetamol.

Papa brought me to see Dr Yim the next day. Doctor gave me paracetamol and fever medicine for anus. Ouch...

Papa and mama brought me to see another doctor the next day and get more medicine. I was getting better after one dose of medicine. Fever subsided, but rashes come out the next day.
Nanny was so scared and worry it was measles.

So, Papa and mama brought me to see doctor... again.. (hmm... my parents were quite kiasi but sayang me.. hehe)
Doctor said it was not measles but didn't comment what the rashes are.

It was up to my brilliant and experienced third aunty from London told me, it was Roseola. Wow.. Very impressive..

I am much better now, rashes almost all gone, appetite is back too..

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