Picnic at Botanical Garden

12:48 AM

After my birthday celebration, it was a long weekend too. Papa and mama decided to go to picnic at Botanical Garden.
Third uncle, aunty and Yue Yue and Rui Rui jie jie also going with us.

I was imaging picnic on green green grass under clear blue sky. I can crawl on the grass happily with a big lake nearby.

That day come, mama dolled me up with a new hair pin. You see my hair pin pretty or not? :)
Now I look more girlish... :D

Papa had to carry bags like uncle, mostly my stuff like water flask, cold water, milk powder, toys, hehee...

We found a 'good' spot with good view of the Symphony lake in Botanical garden. It was a bit steep, though.
The grass was a bit wet due to overnight rain, so I cannot crawl on the grass.. sigh...

It was not as I imagined, nevertheless, I enjoyed myself.

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