Marina Barrage

8:54 AM

On my Lunar Birthday, papa and mama brought me to Marina Barrage in the afternoon. There are a lot of kids playing water at the fountain. Papa and mama also let me play the water with other kids. I was so scared of the fountain in the beginning. After a few tries, I dared to play the water from the fountain and even sit on it. It was fun!
Papa also carried me to touch the water from the fountain. The fountain is nice, right?

After playing water, papa and mama helped me to take shower and changed new clothes. Then, we took a stroll around Marina Barrage. Many people were playing kites there! We can view Singapore Flyer and Marina Bay Sands from here. But too bad, Marina Bay Sands was still under construction. I believe when Marina Bay Sands is ready and the night scene from Marina Barrage will be unbelievable!

Papa and mama, when will you bring me to take Singapore Flyer?:)

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