Birthday Presents!

3:29 PM

Did I boast about my birthday present? Hehehe.. Yes.. I am 2, celebrated my birthday not long ago.

I received many presents again. From papa and mama, aunty and uncle and neighbour aunty. This year, even the Swensen jiejie also gave me a balloon as present.

Yes. This is how old I am. Smart? :)
Yeah. That's one of the present given by papa and mama. Numbers!!
Papa and mama going to teach me counting!!

I was so curious that I unwrapped all my presents very fast. I am willing to share my toys with my cousins too. You see we three ladies preparing supper for our papas and mamas.
Hope they were not too hungry, we took a long long while before figuring out how to use it.

Nonetheless I love all the toys, presents! So Happy!! Thank you!!

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