Di Di is coming...

1:40 AM

Long time didn't blog. Kind of busy... :D

Recently mama's tummy is getting bigger and bigger. Think mama must be having a good life! Haha..

But, papa and mama told me, di di is inside. Hmmm.. what is di di?
Mama keeps pointing to her tummy and said di di. So, I thought the little hole at the tummy is di di.

Seriously, papa and mama are (and still) trying very hard to tell me what is di di. So far, I know kor kor, jie jie and mei mei, cause those are the people I met. Di di was never in my vocab. So, whenever there is baby boy, papa will tell me, di di. If there is any tv show with baby boy, mama will tell me di di.
Papa and mama will draw for me, Happy Lim's family, with papa, mama, yao yao and di di.

Every night, mama will ask me to sing to di di too. I sang a few times my version of ABC, then I gave up singing to tummy. Instead, whenever papa is singing to didi, I will jump onto his back and ride on his back. Clever girl? :)

Do I really know what is di di? Any more idea to let me know what is di di?

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