I am officially BIG SISTER!

11:53 PM

6 feb 2011 - dearest di di came to this beautiful world...

Do u know why 6 feb 2011 is so special to me? My dearest di di was
born! Let me tell you all my di di birth story here.
6 feb (4th day of cny) Sunday. Today i was not supposed to go nanny
house. But 7.30am my papa sent me to nanny house and told me that
today mummy need to go to hospital to deliver Didi. I not really
understood but I knew papa and mummy got something important thing to
do and I would be obedient stay at nanny house.
When mummy back from hospital, she told me Didi birth story. They
reached hospital around 8 am. After some preparation and relax a while
in the ward, mummy was sent to OT room around 9.30am. I knew mummy
sure very nervous when she was pushed to OT room. My papa always on
her side encouraged her.
Mummy was injected epidural so that she was still awake when Didi was
born. Then papa was well dressed and came to OT room to accompany
mummy go through the delivery process.

Suddenly, Dr wong said "wah..this baby head is so big!" Then,
"wah...wah.." very soon a very loud baby cry was heard. Didi first cry
was loud and clear. My dearest di di - lim Yan Boe 林彦博 came to this
world. I will love him very much.

Height - 51cm
Weight - 3.385kg
Head - 36.5cm

Seem like my Didi is shorter and lighter than me! His head also
smaller than me! Haha...

Poor thing Didi. He felt stressed in mummy stomach during delivery and
he poo-ed inside mummy stomach. And he ate a bit of his poo and nurse
need to clean his mouth. Hehe.. Lucky did not affect his health.

His forehead also had a deep wound. Poor thing.. Dr wong so rude,
forcep Didi out and make Didi forehead had a deep wound.. Hopefully
won't affect his handsome look..
Didi was really hungry after birth. His cry was loud and non- stop.
After taking shower and drinking milk, finally he fell sleep. See, my
Didi is so handsome.

Didi birth delivery can be considered quite smooth as this is planned
ceaserean. Lucky Didi is obedient and listen to papa and mama didn't
come out earlier. He really wait till 6 feb - 1 day before Edd. Good

Think my birth story is more interesting.. Hehe.. Go here to read my
birth story again

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