Langkawi - Underwater World

9:01 AM

This is my first time visiting Underwater World. I haven't visited the one in Singapore.
I didn't have high hope and I didn't quite like fish as I visited Chew Tian Yang aquarium in Penang.

I was quite excited when I entered. I was excited and ran around to see different fishes. Some of fishes swam in herds, some big fishes swam alone and slowly. I can't control my excitement even when to take kids group photo, I still stand up and walked around.

After were greeted by some fishes, we saw flamingo!! I like flamingo as I last visited Jurong Bird Park. There weren't as many flamingo here, but they were still very interesting. They slept with one leg up. Hehehe...

There were parrots, monkey and seals too. We also saw many penguins swimming around. Some of them very smart, swam towards the mirror when there were people watching them, as to ask for food. We went further in to see more kind of fishes like clown fish, unicorn fish. We also saw a big giant bat with long tail swimming in the tank. Mama told me it is a stingray. The tank looked too small for the stingray. The stingray had to swim and turned frequently as the tank was quite small.

I also saw a tank full of sharks. Some of the sharks were so cute that they parked together to rest at the floor of the tank. Lazy sharks!!

There were many kinds of sea creatures too like sea horses, coral, lobsters, prawns and also a big neon-blue rounded tank with white floating tissues paper inside!
It was the jelly fish. So beautiful but deadly.

We finished viewing the fishes in about 1 and half hour. We had Bak Chang (dumpling) with beer in front of the building. Hehe.. correction, not me.. just papa. :)

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