Meeting with Papa's friend

8:05 AM

Papa's friend came to Singapore for holiday. So, they arranged to meet up over dinner.
We went to Bottle Tree to have dinner. Papa's friend has two daughters, the youngest is 3 months younger than me. I never meet her before. This will be my first time.

We reached early, so we just took a stroll at Bottle Tree. There is a big pond and a few swans can let people to paddle. There is a small playground. Mummy let me play at the playground. I like to run around the playground. I saw jie jie and kor kor drawing something on the sand. Out of curiosity, I just came nearer to them and saw them drawing Doreamon. I wanted to play with them but too bad after a while they left to have their dinner.

Let me introduce my friend to you.

This is my friend… Pretty girl, right? She looks like caucasian with big eyes. She was very cool.

We ordered a few dishes. 1 of the dishes is beggar chicken, which recommended by the waitress. When the beggar chicken was served, the waitress asked me to use the hammer and knock on the mould. Haha! It was so fun. Then the beggar chicken was inside the mould It was delicious and nice!

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