Getting myself registered

1:27 AM

It has been a while. I was busy. Went out to take photo a couple of times. You know, those shop jiejie put me on top of the glass cabinet and trying to take picture of me. And they expect that I can hold my head and look up to the camera. Luckily I managed to hold on once for a few seconds after failing a few times. And lucky enough jiejie managed to take the photo.
Well, that was the second time I went to the photo studio after the first photo was rejected.

Very angry! Those jiejie and also the nurse in hospital thought I am months old baby, instead of 12 days old. I am just more stronger and taller than most babies only. I don't look that old...

Papa, mama and lao aunty together with me went to Malaysia Embassy to do my birth registration. The taxi ride made me very dizzy and sleepy. It was very very long journey.

After we reached there, there were many babies around, some even twins.

I had to wait for almost two hours there. Really test my patience. Luckily I am very understanding, so I didn't make much noise. Oh yeah, the uncle even took my both thumbs, put on a black ink pad and put my tiny thumb print on a paper. Grown up world really troublesome.

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