8:25 AM

Sooo happy.. I received many gifts.

First day I receive ang pow from uncles and aunties. Then I received a basket of Eu Yang Sang's Bird Nest and New Moon Chicken Essence, Baby clothes and flowers.

Few days later, I received a big box from my third uncle, aunty and cousin J. They sent me a big box with many pretty clothes inside with a small bear toy, which papa stole it and keep for himself. Hmmm...

Then I received another baby gift set from papa's company, with diapers and chicken essence inside.

Haii.. so many chicken essence and bird nest, don't think I can have any. No choice lor.. give to papa and mama, so that they can take care of me better later.. hehee..

Then mummy's colleagues gave me a big diaper cake with diapers, blanket, little pair of shoes inside etc. I actually quite impressed that they able to use diapers plus other things to make it like a three tier 'cake'.

I also received many ang pows, gold jewellry, hampers.. etc..

Up until today, my gifts still increasing. Hehehe.. thank you aunties and uncles...

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