Special Chinese new year 2011

9:08 AM

This year cny was a special cny for me. As my family didn't go back Penang and kl to celebrate cny. This is because we have to stay in
Singapore and wait for di di to come to this world. I thought this cny
will be a boring cny in Singapore. Who knows, this year cny is a
special one to me!

Cny eve, papa and mummy brought me to Seoul Garden to had reunion
dinner. Actually papa planned to have a good and nice Chinese reunion
dinner. Papa thought to reserve it 2 weeks before cny, who knows all
nearby Chinese restaurants fully booked! Unbelievable! They said need
to reserve it 1 month before cny! Singaporean really kiasu! Then papa
started to feel nervous and look for other restaurant. Most of the
restaurants were closed or fully booked. Then we thought we might need
to eat Mac Donald as reunion dinner. Poor thing.. Lucky, finally we
managed to reserve Seoul garden and we ate steamboat as our reunion

Even though this reunion dinner only 3 of us and Didi still inside
mummy stomach, we still enjoyed it!

After reunion dinner, think to shop around but all the shops were
closed only restaurants were open. Then Papa brought me to go and sit
Barney car. I like Barney so much.

On 1st day of cny, my ah ma, ah peck and gu gu came to sg to visit us.
Then my gong gong and po po also came to visit us! Wah, this year cny
my house so packed!

On 2nd day of CNY, papa brought me to Gu Por and Biao Gu's house after my morning nap.
Papa took me there by bus, MRT then bus again. We were late by 1 hour.
Although I was a bit myself, can't sit still, but papa said that I was quite obedient that day.

When we reached there, Ah Ma, Ji Peck, San Peck, Ta Gu and Er Gu were already there and finished their lunch. They sat there looking at me and papa taking our lunch. How embarrassing.
I ate a lot of many things there including home made pineapple tart.

After that, we went to Marina Bay, Esplanade. I managed to watch lion dance performance there. Papa carried me on his head to watch as it was so crowded.
It was so cool!!

On 2nd and 3rd day of cny, my eldest ah yi and 2nd ah yi also came
from kl to sg to visit us and wait for di di arival. Di di really big
shot, so many relatives came to Singapore and waited for his arrival.

My mum also won a big hamper from her company. It was 2nd prize! The
hamper as tall as me!

Di di brought luck to mummy and mummy can win such a big hamper. Mummy
also told me that last time she was expecting me, I also brought luck
to her and she also won hamper but the hamper is much smaller than di
di hamper. He he..

Mummy asked when I or di di can let her strike Toto? :)

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