Ah Ma, Yi Pek, Ta Gu, Yi Gu and Cousin

7:57 AM

December was a busy month for me. There were many people came to visit me.

That was my first time get to know and build bonding with my Ah Ma, Yi Pek, Ta Gu, Er Gu and Shuang Jie-jie.

They came all the way to see me. So happy to see them.

Gu Por, Biao Gu, Tua Chim, Chian Yi Jie-jie and Kai Sheng Kor-kor also came to visit me.

I was so busy 'entertaining' and welcome them with big warm smiles. :)

Thank you all for visiting me. I will try to remember you all and I promise that I will get to know more of you all.

PS: Sorry for my poor english in addressing some of you.

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